Monday, May 17, 2010


Finally, my maiden breadmaking attempt!!! And the results....

1) flatbreads that looked like grilled chicken patties &
2) buns that looked like giant fishballs!

Garlic-Italian Herbs Flatbreads

I really like the flatbreads. They tasted really good with my home-made Chilli-Garlic infused EVOO!! I will make them into bigger pieces next time. They looked very cartoon when this tiny. LOL! I wanted to save some for Hubby to try but gobbled all 4 pieces in the end :X Shall make more next time :))

Buttered-Italian Herbs Buns

I turned some of the bread dough into buns. Both the flatbreads and buns are from the same bread dough! Thought wanna have some varieties mah. HAHAHA! Don't you find these buns look like deep-fried giant fishballs?!!! *LMAO*

When they were freshly out of the oven, OMG! they were as hard as rock when I knocked them *sweat* Fortunately, I have realtime online help throughout the breadmaking process. LOL! My super-baker friend explained that they will soften after the buns have rested. And really wo, they become soft & fluffy after 30min of resting.

Another funny thing was, during the 1st proving, the dough expanded more than I expected (recipe said doubled in size mah). It was bursting & pushing against the cling wrap covering the bowl. o.O HAHAHA! In the end, the proved bread dough was bigger than the bowl holding it!!! Hilarious!

Overall, I am very pleased with the result considering this is my 1st attempt at breadmaking. But hor... I kneaded till my hand almost fell off lor. And I was only making 1/3 of the original recipe!!! Cannot imagine kneading 1kg of bread dough!!! >.<''

p/s: My super-baker friend was the one who commented that my flatbreads looked like grilled chicken patties! *sniff sniff* But peering at their photos, really lor! *ROFL*

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