Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pantry Crisis

Out of the blue, I had this sudden urge to bake some chewy chocolate chip cookies but to my dismay, not being able to find cornstarch & baking soda in my pathetic pantry! Arghhhhhhh!

Maybe it wasn't that out of the blue, afterall it was Easter night.

Moments later, while watching Chef at Home, I couldn't help but to envy Chef Michael Smith's neat, organized and more-well-stocked-than-ThreeSixty pantry.

"Who needs take-out, when you can cook this at home." - Michael Smith's favourite line.


Not everyone's fridge and pantry are as well stocked as yours at all times u noe, Chef Smith.

It was pizza delivery for supper on this Easter night.

It could have been freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with 2 glasses of warm milk. But pizza was not a bad idea too. Heehee.

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