Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zhar Leung (炸樑)

My favourite Hong Kong snack has gotta be Zhar Leung (炸樑)! When I was visiting Hong Kong in 2004, I had Zhar Leung everyday! By the time I returned to Singapore, I was literally "speechless". Instead of chowing down Zhar Leung, I had to take antibiotic after every meal for 5 days!!! *sweat*

So what make a really good Zhar Leung?
1) The rice sheet must be thin & freshly steamed. NO CHEATING! NO pre-made 豬腸粉 a.k.a. chee cheong fun is allowed.

2) The dough fritter must be light, fluffy, crispy and freshly deep fried. NO re-fried to death stuff. You could kill a dog with that dead-stick.

3) The black sauce must be a harmonious blend of saltiness and sweetness. Forget about those sweet red sauce.

4) The chilli must be Chiu Chow chilli oil. Red chilli oil with red chilli flakes in it. No orangey chilli sauce please.

糖朝 makes the best Zhar Leung in my humble opinion. According to my reliable source, Hubby, some shops in North Point offer good Zhar Leung too. I have some horrible fakes at City Garden though. So foodies beware.

P/S: Mmmm... should I save up for a DSLR camera? Photos taken with SLR seems to have more depth than the point-and-shoot compact. Pics from the latter is kinda flat at times. Now I am practising with the manual mode on my compact camera :) Let me strike Mark Six pleasssssssse *pray*

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