Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baking Woes

Lately, I am cursed by the baking fairies. I had a series of baking hiccups :( I hate it when my bakes failed as baking takes a lot more effort & hard work than cooking.

It all started last Thursday when I was all set to try the new recipe for Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies by Ann Olsen. It all went well till my cookies spread thinner than a pancake while in the oven. *cry*

I was so frustrated and refused to accept paper thin cookies, I squished each cookies to lumps while they were still warm and soft and sent them back into the oven for another 2 mins. The result was ugly & weird-looking chewy chocolate chip cookies. Though they tasted good but they required lotsa hard selling before Hubby would take a cautious bite. They were a pile of ugly mess on my pristine white plate. Hubby even commented that they looked like 梅菜扣肉! *sweat*

Today, I unglued my lazy ass from my not-so-comfy couch to make some cookies with Hubby's love - white chocolate. He has been dropping reminders subtly last week because I promised him many weeks ago that I will make Shiroi Koibito with white chocolate filling specially for him. The baking process went smoother than my maiden attempt weeks ago esp. since I am equipped with a brand new long rule!! Heh Heh. It makes scraping the excess cookie batter off the cookie template a breeze.

So why am I whining?

The stupid white chocolate ganache curdled on me..... THREE TIMES!!! I wasted 300g of white chocolate and out of which 100g was Green & Blacks Organic Vanilla Bean White Chocolate :( A 100g block costs more than a 300g bag of Ghirardeli white chocolate chips! *heartache* After the 1st failed attempt, I had to change out of my PJ and rush down to ThreeSixty to get more white chocolate. After another 2 failed attempts in a row, I gave up and decided to use melted white chocolate as filling instead.

You see lah... how unlucky can one be? 4 failures in less than a week :(

Fortunately, my Shiroi Koibito turns out looking pretty and yummy. Before I could snap any pictures, Hubby already finished more than half of my bakes!!! *happy* He really likes white chocolate lor.

I also take this opportunity to try out my new cookies bag :)

Pretty anot? Dunno the cookies will lao hong anot.

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