Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Magic Noodles

I was at Sasa to replenish my staple facial sheet masks and was roped into buying low-cal instant noodles!!! YES, yes, yes.... Sasa sells instant noodles these days. HAHAHA!

Diet food in a packet never interest me 'cos I always associate them with words like "bland", "tasteless", "chemical laden"... you know. However, I do not deny I try to go on a diet from time to time by eating healthily.

I dunno what got into me that day, I bought 3 packets of these "magic" noodles for HK$100!!! That's beady expensive for instant noodles!!! But it promised to keep me slim and youthful while keeping my hunger pang at bay! How could I resist such promises?!! Ok ok... I am super shallow & vain :p


They really taste quite delicious. But of course I added extra chilli padi & nanami tongarishi for extra oomph as I am a true blue Singaporean! I need spice, Spice, SPICE! :) The noodles are crisp & springy while the broths reasonably good. So far, I have tried Kimchi & Curry flavours.

The reason these noodles are low in calories because they are made from konjac (蒟蒻) grown in Gunma-Ken, tofu powder, marine collagen & tofu, and they are not deep fried. Konjac (蒟蒻) is the key ingredient that is used to make those pretty, yummy & healthy Japanese jellos (konnyaku)! Each serving is packed with 1000mg of collagen which is essential for keeping skin youthful & supple.

I probably should make some konnyaku soon :)

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