Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have A Break...

Kit Kat tastes different from a decade ago. I just know there's a slight diff but I couldn't put a finger to it *snap a kit kat*

In my younger days, I liked my kitkat straight out from the fridge. Now, I still like my kitkat cold but I prefer to let them "thaws" for a few minutes before munching them.

I notice how my taste for food, fashions, colours has evolved as I grow older. I used to only pick up white, black or blue, now I am not hesitant to have a little pink in my life. However, my taste for music is still pretty much the same... I still can't appreciate rap, hip-hop, trance and heavy metals.

Blabbering aside, who can resist a hot chocolate fondant cake a.k.a. lava cake?!! *drool*

I probably will make some next week! Super long weekend in HK... 5 days off!!! Wheeeeeeeeee!

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