Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I bought some new toys over the weekend thus die die must play with them today! :p

Gosh! 白之戀人 proved to be more tricky than I thought as I don't have the right tool to even out & scrape away the excess cookies batter on the cookie moulds :/ I ended up spending lotsa time moulding my cookies *faint* Gotta remember to buy a long ruler or "blade" for spreading out icing on cake on my next shopping trip.

For a 1st timer, the result is not bad lah..... super thick skin I know!!! WAHAHAHA!

I the heart ones. They are so cute & pretty :))

Originally, the Hokkaido 白之戀人 cookies were supposed to be sandwiched with white chocolate hence "白" (white). The cookies were the "戀人" (lovers) ➝ i made it up one lah... dunno true anot. Hahaha! Today, I chose to use bittersweet dark chocolate instead as I prefer dark chocolate to white ones. Heehee. Therefore, mine should be 黑之戀人! XD

Munching on 黑之戀人 and feeling Easter-ly oredi *beam*

Shall make the white version next time (and maybe PINK!) as Hub loves white chocolate.

Btw, he enjoys the black version too...... HE ATE MORE THAN ME! LOL!

Click HERE for the recipe for those who are interest.

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