Thursday, November 26, 2009

What's New?

I was climbing the ladder and digging out our old winter wears from the storage cabinets when my hp beeped. It was a text from Hub.

Hub: Wanna meet at Stag's?
Me: Ok.

I quickly shoved all the long-forgotten winter wears into our already-exploding-wardrobes, changed out of my comfy PJ, accidentally jammed my toes underneath the door, jumped around in pain for a minute, then put on my shoes and dashed off to meet Hub for dinner.

When I reached our meeting place, Hub was no where insight, which was unusual as I am always the late one :p

Me: R u there yet?
Hub: Nope.

While I was waiting for our table (as all the outdoor tables were taken), the mega screen kept me entertained.

Hooray! A group of people left! I'd gotten us a table *GRIN* And my hp beeped.

Hub: I am here.

I looked around but he was NOT here.

*Scrolling back to first sms* SHUCKS!!!! I was at the WRONG PLACE!!!!

Apparently, my eyes read "Stag's" but my brain interpreted "Stormies"!!! What bizarre brain I've got?!! I quickly texted Hub about my boohoo while rushing to the nearest taxi stand in Elements, hopped into a cab & off I went to TST where I was supposed to be.

Fortunately, there was no traffic jams. I soon arrived at Stag's and found my very-amused-Hub waiting for me with a half-finished pint of Hoegaarden. He couldn't stop laffing at me. What's new :-/ Tsk tsk.

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