Friday, November 27, 2009

Bad Day

Lotsa bad news in a day and I am trying very hard to block them all. I need to enjoy my precious weekend with Hub but who's kidding who... I can't ignore them completely and pretend they have never happened. I just need to block them to a certain extend whereby I can still keep my sanity (if I have any).

Therefore, I NEED DISTRACTIONS!!!! LOTSA lotsa distractions.

Heeding my fren's advice, I finally tided up all my bookmarks under the BIG folder "FOOD". This is a folder whereby I saved all the links to food blogs, food shows, recipes and recipes I intend to cook/ bake someday. They have grown so massive over time that I hard difficulty navigating :-X

Though now they are neatly categorized, the "KIV" folder (aka "recipes I intend to cook/ bake someday") is overflowing!!! -___-'' It's either I'm overly ambitious or I'm super lazy or both. No prize for the winner(s) :p

Out of the blue, without any reason or push, I decided to set a manageable target for myself to try these recipes (in random order) b4 the year come to an end:
1) Tamarind Prawns - I love prawns. I love tamarind.
2) Raspberry-Lemon Bars - 2 blocks of cream cheese are expiring in mid-Dec.
3) Parmesan Proscuitto Puff Pastry Pinwheels - I have got all the ingredients in my fridge :)
4) Thymes Crackers - potential savory munchies for tv marathon.

Truthfully, I don't think I will meet my target as washing up really put me off cooking/ baking. If I were be able to achieve 2 out of 4, I am happy oredi :)

This should keep me distracted yet still have time for me to deal with all the dreadful events *SIGH* People who are born with ass luck just have to get on with life regardless of the type of shit that hit you in the face on a constant basis. How I wish life is a bed of roses.


Good night & sweet dreams.

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