Thursday, October 29, 2009

Save & Yum

What would u do to leftover steaks?? It'd be too wasteful to throw them out. Therefore, I transformed them with an Asian twist to this Thai-inspired Beef & Pak Choy :))

Thai-Inspired Beef & Pak Choy

We were out for dinner at Outback and the servings were so HUGE. After a large bowl of garden salad each and a gigantic Blooming Onion, we were too full and sick to finish our steaks. It's sinful to waste food so we politely asked the waiter to pack our steaks :p

Blooming Onion

Where do they find such humongous onion???!!!

p/s: Hub loves the tranformation :)) Btw, I reheated the steaks since they were in the fridge for 2 days! :p Hence, they appeared quite well-done in the pic.

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