Friday, October 16, 2009

Infused EVOO

I tried my hands at infusing olive oil a couple of days ago. All I can do now is to wait patiently for the aroma from the herbs to fully infused into the olive oil. I hope they will turn out well.

They look so pretty in the bottles, so I won't feel too bad even if my D-I-Y project turned out to be a total failure :p

I used dried herbs and chillis because I was afraid the fresh stuff may decompose in the oil over time :X Did I ever mention that I am a worrywart and paranoia with a dose of OCD? Okay, now u know :/

The Pretty Trios
(pls pardon the finger prints all over the bottles -.-)
Infused EVOO

Chilli-infused EVOO
Dried Chillis

Dried Chillis

Basil-infused EVOO
Dried Basil

Rosemary-infused EVOO
Dried Rosemary

In case u wonder what's EVOO... it's an acronym for extra virgin olive oil ;)

p/s: I think the chillis is the prettiest, what do u think?

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