Monday, October 5, 2009

Homemade Lemongrass Tea

I have leftover lemongrass from the BBQ hence I bruised & chopped them up before throwing them into a pot of water to make a delicious and refreshing tea.

Apart from being refreshingly delicious and thirst-drenching, it has medicinal benefits too. It is said to aid digestion, calm nervous disorders and help in the treatment of high blood pressure. It contains vitamin A and is good for those who wish to have bright eyes and a clear skin.

Drink up folks!

Cheers :))

P/S: Lemongrass is also known as citronella & it has calming effect on dogs!!!
"Citronella is used to neutralize excessive barking of dogs. Since dogs hate citronella, it is sprayed to dogs to prevent them from barking or just to lessen the behavior."


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