Thursday, October 8, 2009


Baked my ALL-TIME-FAVOURITE Betty Cockers chocolate chips cookies yesterday! 2 dozens of big, yummy, moist & slightly chewy cookies!! *munch munch* Though mine never turned out as pretty as the picture on its package, they still taste delicious.

Besides being irresistibly munchilicious, it's easy and cheap!!

Just realizes baking is a good way to release frustration. Cheaper than shopping! HAHAHA!

P/S: I am not a fan of dry and crunchy cookies.

PP/S: I was super duper cheezed off when a friend flew me a last minute aeroplane on Tuesday. When I said "minute", I literally meant minute. One minute we were smsing each other where and when to meet for lunch-then-shopping, the next minute she dropped me to have lunch with her MD (though she was on a self-paid vacation in HK!)!!! I was almost out of the house to meet her oredi lor. Seriously KNS! The thing was, we had already made plan to meet up on Monday!! I freed my day for her yet she dropped me like I was a piece of garbage. This was my first time kena fly aeroplane like that. Who will have the mood to eat & shop after being treated like this? So what if she offered to buy me lunch to make up for it? I can afford my own lunch! I'm still feeling kinda sore.

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