Friday, May 22, 2009

Nonya Laksa

I was not crazy about nonya laksa when I was living in Singapore. I would eat it from time to time but rarely crave for it. After living overseas for almost a year, I do get occasional craving this hot, spicy, rich & slurp-worthy laksa. 

Though I am not a big fan, I am rather fussy about how my ideal laksa should be - thick beehoon, see hums (a.k.a. cockles), finely chopped laksa leaves, gravy with the right richness and consistency, and last but not least, sambal chilli.

OOps! I've totally forgotten about the tau pok (bean curd puff)!!! They have to be cooked in the laksa gravy till soft and succulent. Every bites will be drenched with the rich & delicious laksa gravy. I hate it when the tau pok till tastes tau-poky, which means they haven't cooked the tau pok in the laska gravy long enough.

Hard boiled eggs & sliced fish cakes can jolly well make their DISappearance :p

(click for larger picture *wink*)

P/S: Please do not to confuse penang laksa for nonya laksa. They are totally different species though I love them both :)

PP/S: Looking forward to the BBQ this weekend. The king crab legs are waiting for me in the freezer! Heeheehee. Love my electric mini BBQ grill =))

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