Sunday, May 24, 2009

BBQ @ Home II

Yesterday, we had our longest meal ever... 4.5hrs!!! *LOL*


Blurry me forgot to turn on the bbq grill to preheat the stone plate. We lost a lot of time waiting hungrily and anxiously for it heated up!!! Fortunately, bulgogi beef fillets took no time to cook on the hot stone *PHEW* Shishamo, on the other hand, required more TLC & lotsa lotsa patience. Nonetheless, the TLC & patience was well paid off ^^


We switched to the grill for the rest of the night as we reckoned the rest of the food would taste better on grill. The king crab legs were a blasted while the portobello mushrooms have never disappointed us :)

Can't wait to "teppanyaki" on the griddle tray next. Heehee.

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